Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Hello There, 3rd Trimester!

Clementine is struggling to share the spotlight already.
Time is flying, y'all. Yesterday marked 28 weeks for me and the beginning of the third trimester. Clementine and I braved what is hopefully the last of our snow and subzero temperature to visit my midwife yesterday morning. The main goal for the day: passing my glucose test (success!). My complete blood count showed I was anemic, but besides that Hazel and I both seem to be healthy and growing right on schedule. 

Physically, I still feel great most of the time. No swelling, minimal heartburn as long as I keep my diet in check, and only occasional discomfort. My twelve hour shifts at the hospital are starting to become a little more exhausting and I usually fall into bed minutes after Clementine goes down for the night. Hopefully a change in diet will help my anemia and I'll see an improvement in my energy level as well?

Emotionally, I feel a mixture of things. I am getting so excited for Hazel's arrival. I am very emotional, in the best way, about our growing family. I have found that all of sudden, I also feel nervous and uneasy about her arrival from time to time. Nervous about what? Childbirth, breastfeeding, postpartum hormones, returning to work, making quality time for two babies and a husband, you name it.

Practically, we have been crossing some things off our our to do before due date list and boy does it feel good. We finally have two car seats that will fit in my compact car and still allow my six foot two husband to drive (I was stressing about that one!) We have a second crib and plenty of baby clothes. We still need a handful of items like a mattress, a few newborn cloth diapers, and nursing friendly clothes for mama but I am feeling great about what we have accomplished this far. 

I'm glad you stopped by for a little update. I hope my pregnant and postpartum readers are feeling great!


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  1. I'm getting so excited for you, friend! And I'm right there with you about a lot of the nervous things coming up. But I'm taking it each moment at a time and know it's going to be good!