Monday, February 3, 2014

Peaceful Mornings

Could we have a dialogue about morning routines? Routine in general has never come easily to me. Write it off as a lack of self discipline if you must, but I prefer to believe it's my free-spirit that is to blame. Free spirited or not, I am learning that parts of motherhood demand routine. How can I promote peace and simplicity in our home if clutter and chaos run our lives?

Switching to day shift has been a life saver to me for many reasons. I am a morning person by nature, I look forward to flipping out the lights before ten with my alarm set to beat my family awake by an hour or two. Since transitioning back to days, I have been able to work towards that habit again. The several last mornings have been so slow and quiet in the sweetest way.

My focus has shifted to using this time alone in the mornings to start a working some simple and flexible routine into my life. Mornings with a young one has been interesting, and we'll be adding another soon enough. It is becoming essential to our mornings that I rise first and accomplish a few things before the the rest of the family joins.

I have spent a few quiet moments this past week, day dreaming up ideas for an ideal morning in our home. A list of my top priorities each morning has been made, and a rough sketch of a timeline has been created. I look forward to sharing what has and hasn't worked for us in my quest for a more peaceful morning.

I would love to get your input while I am working to implement these things in our home. How do you start your day? What items are an essential part of each morning? How do you stay on task while maintaining the spirit of flexibility that motherhood requires?



  1. Ideally, I would love a peaceful morning. I would love to way up way earlier than the girls and shower, have coffee, etc. But honestly, most mornings the girls are running into our room, waking us up and asking (whining) for breakfast. I need to make a change for sure! But gosh, I love my sleep! :)

  2. Max sleeps super light from dawn until whenever he actually wakes up so if I don't stay in bed, he's awake ... so, morning alone time has never happened for me. We do have a decent routine of Jemma + Max reading books to each other while I shower and get ready. I keep a bowl and dry cereal in my bathroom cupboard so they can have a pre-breakfast snack before we go downstairs :)